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Karate is a traditional martial art from the island of Okinawa. It combines striking and grappling; including throws, takedowns, joint-locks, and chokes. Originally developed for the purpose of life-protection, not competition, this class holds true to karate’s original intent.

Functional body mechanics are linked with overarching concepts and principles, which are imparted through solo and partner drills. They are applied under gradually increasing levels of intensity, until the student develops both a deep understanding of the techniques’ functionality and the ability to apply them spontaneously against a resisting opponent.

Guidance and resources will also be provided to those who wish to take on a more holistic study of karate, including its history, philosophy, and culture.

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BJJ is an intense form of ground grappling made famous by the Gracie family. This martial art is characterized by the ability of its practitioners to efficiently control and submit opponents, even those much larger and stronger. BJJ is widely considered to be one of the world’s most effective martial arts.

Translated as the “gentle art”, a key aspect of BJJ training is that it allows the student to safely train and spar, at nearly maximum intensity, with no need to modify the techniques.

Learn the fundamentals of ground grappling, efficient use of energy, and powerful application of leverage. Gi or no gi, the knowledge gained here can be applied both inside and outside of the class; to other martial arts or to life itself.